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All things IES TM-30

TM-30 material repository, maintained by Kevin Houser, Penn State University


Fluxometer, a circadian metrics web-based calculator
Small PDF, an online PDF converter and manipulator
Web Plot Digitizer, a web-based tool to digitize graphs
Flash Applets, including color theory, mapping, and mixing
XonGrid, MS Excel add in for multidimensional non-uniform interpolation
R Psychologist, Statistics Interactive Visualizations
EC Chart Alignment, MS Excel add-in: move graph components with arrow keys

Shopping List

Roth 28 Test, a color discrimination screening test
LEDcube, an 11+ channel tuneable LED fixture
FM-100 Hue Test, a large color discrimination test
Pantone SkinTone Guide, a large swatchbook of human skintones
JETI Specbos 1211, a rapid and compact spectroradiometer